classy narwhal

this post is for my kid brother. apparently i share all the wrong songs with him, and keep all the good ones to myself. i'm going to start this one out with a couple classics from a man who's name is probably only known to my brother by the title of a song by another band. Buddy Holly.

this first song is top notch. Buddy Holly - Everyday . Everyday by Buddy Holly on Grooveshark

another great song, and a personal favorite (even more than the former) Dearest by Buddy Holly Dearest by Buddy Holly on Grooveshark

this next one will take us a little more modern. it comes from a duo out of sweden. Johnossi - Family Values Family Values by Johnossi on Grooveshark

last one you get is a bit more of an oldie, but i just gotta make sure i'm covering my bases (in case you haven't heard it). Soco Amaretto Lime by brand new Soco Amaretto Lime by Brand New on Grooveshark


foliage stash

Here are a few...
The Lumineers - Ho Hey Ho Hey by The Lumineers on Grooveshark
Rebelution - Lazy Afternoon Lazy Afternoon by Rebelution on Grooveshark

THIS NEXT GUY I met playing a show just outside of the U.K. and when I mean playing just outside the U.K. I mean United Kingdom. and when I mean United Kingdom, I really mean Portland. One of the coolest guys you could shake a stick at. These are a couple of his great stuff.

Archie Crisanto - Lockdown
Archie Crisanto - Tiny Little Gift


log whip

very chill song; don't listen to while you're driving. since grooveshark never really seems to work very often, here is the link to the site. ola podrida covering atmosphere, originally done by joy division. Ola Podrida - Atmosphere
Atmosphere by Ola Podrida on Grooveshark


3d setup

the howls play a song called revival.


helmet phones

this cut is from a guy i have come and gone listening to, and its usually been a great experience. kalai with a newer song all rise.